BBQ Wars

   The Barbecue Wars rage on!  If you ask any barbecue connoisseur, they will assure you that they know who has the BEST barbecue.  Barbecue fans can be rather passionate on this topic.  The problem with this point of view is that there is no such thing as the best barbecue.  

   Just think about it …Barbecue is regionally unique.  In Texas, beef is king and sauce is always on the side.  While there are some aspects that are similar between the two, East Texas Brisket is usually smoked with oak, or occasionally hickory, while West Texas Brisket is more likely to be smoked with mesquite.  These are two very different flavors.  The Carolinas are famous for their Pulled Pork, but their approaches to something that would seem to be the same are, in fact, very different.  South Carolina uses a mustard based sauce and North Carolina has two different styles of pulled pork, Eastern style - whole hog with a pepper/vinegar sauce and Lexington style - pork shoulders with a red, tomato/pepper/vinegar sauce that they put on everything including the cole slaw.  Memphis is known for amazing dry rubs on pork ribs, while Kansas City is more of a sauce town.  In Kentucky, mutton is the meat of choice. Alabama and Mississippi grill a lot of chicken using some pretty unique sauces made of things like mayonnaise and lemon juice, to name a few.

   With that kind of variety, it is impossible to pick just one as the best.  So, instead of trying to find the best at the expense of all the other styles and methods, we should seek to enjoy them for what they are - art.  We cannot go into a museum and say that, of all the paintings, this one is the best.  If we do, some will certainly disagree.  We can, however, say, “This one is my favorite,” “This one speaks to me,” or “I enjoy this one.”  I can enjoy multiple paintings for what they are, instead of judging them against what they are not.  Food shouldn’t be a competition or a sport.  It should be a pleasure that we can share.  

 Here at The Magnolia Blossom, we are not trying to be the best, but we are striving to be our best.  If we can do that, we hope that we can, one day, be your favorite.  In late 2018/early 2019, we plan to bring to Marana, AZ, barbecue staples like brisket, ribs, sausage, and pulled pork while also serving Southern Dairy Bar classics all with our own special little twist.


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